The Microbrewery

The Old Forge brewery was founded in 2010, just a year after the Farriers Arms was bought and rescued by its 121 shareholders.


Located in a restored outbuilding adjacent to the pub, the microbrewery today creates 6 regular hand-crafted ales and stouts.  These include the CAMRA-listed ‘Farriers 1606’, seasonal ‘Summer Gold’ and ‘Christmas Ale’, with various special editions throughout the year.

Since production began in 2010, our team of six brewers have produced 154,800 pints of beer representing 103 brews,

roughly a brew every three weeks

Our Beers

Aromas of Lemongrass. Full maltiness with delicate fruity flavour


Cinnamon and orange notes, a strong dark ale with dried fruits


Melon and fresh cut grass notes, light and freshing. Pale golden hopped hue


Bright, Hoppy and Pine notes, satisfyingly Classic IPA


Chocolate and coffee nose with malty with chocolate undertones, dark malty colour


Hop and fruit notes with a  full-bodied fruity ale

and ruby hues


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