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Our fantastic a la carte menu

Ciabatta Sandwiches 

(all served with dressed leaves and a potato and spring onion salad)

Bacon, brie and red omion chutney

Available without bacon

G, SD, M - £7

BBQ chicken and cheddar melt

G, M, SD £7.5

Artichoke, roasted beets, feta

and rocket (v) 

G, M - £7

Steak, red onion, mushroom and

blue cheese melt

G, M, E - £8

Pulled pork and baby gem

 G, M, SD - £7.50

Pastrami, garlic and herb mayo, smoked Ashmore cheddar

G, M, E - £7.5

Farriers Beer-battered Fish Finger with tartar sauce and baby gem

F, G, M, SD, E - £8.00

The Farriers Ploughmans (either cheese or honey-roast ham) served with pickles, apple, dressed salad, homemade chutney and a wedge of crusty bread 

G, MU, M, E - £10.00


Classics & Burgers

Farriers 1606 beer battered cod 

Served with chunky chips, tartare sauce and minted, buttered peas 

F, E, M, SD, G  - £14.00

Farriers 8oz burger

 Served with smoked bacon and mature cheddar, 1606 battered onion rings,  baby gem, beef tomato and chunky fries

M, E, G, SD   - £15.00

Spiced nut and mixed bean burger (v)

Topped with chilli nachos, cheddar, sour cream, wild rocket and guacamole

Served with chunky chips

M, G, E, N - £14.00

Thick cut honey & mustard glazed ham 

Served with chunky chips, two free range fried eggs and homemade red slaw 

E, M, SD, Mu  - £13.00

Whole tail scampi 

Served with chunky chips, tartare sauce and minted, buttered peas  

E, M, Cr, G  - £14.00

Pie of the day 

Served with sauteed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a rich gravy  

G, E, M, C, SD  - £14.00

Chicken Caesar burger

 chargrilled chicken, smoked bacon, baby gem, garlic and onion flakes, beef tomato, Caesar dressing and chunky chips

G,M,E  - £15.00

From the Grill

8oz Ribeye steak


 8oz Sirloin steak


8oz Fillet steak


 Served with sautéed cherry tomatoes, red onions, rocket and red onion salad, sweet potatoes fries (+50p) or chunky chips

Add a sauce: garlic butter, rose peppercorn or blue cheese  £1.50

Chargrilled BBQ Hunters Chicken 

Chicken breast with smoked bacon and cheddar.  Served with sautéed cherry, onions, mushrooms and  chunky chips

SD, E, M - £16.00

Allergen advice

Please ask your server if you require further allergen information. 


Nuts, Gluten, Milk, Mustard,

Molluscs, Egg, Celery, Fish, Crustaceans, Soy, SS Sesame

SD Sodium Dioxide

We serve fresh food, not fast food, therefore at busy times there may be a time delay. 

If you suffer from any food allergies, please inform us when you place your food order. We cannot guarantee that our dishes do not contain nuts or nut derivatives, shot, bones or feathers. 


Our fantastic a la carte menu

Appetisers for two

 Marinated olives - £3.00

Crusty bread and oils - £4.00

Sundried tomatoes. feta & olives  - £4.50


Welsh rarebit (v) 

Toasted ciabatta, red onion jam, candied walnut and rocket

  M, G, E, N, SD - £7

Pan seared scallops

roasted cumin and butternut puree, parmesan shard, pea shoots

Cr, M  - £9.50

Chicken and chorizo scotch egg

bread sauce puree

M, G E£7.50

Whole baked camembert (to share) (v)  

smoked paprika butter, red onion chutney, ciabatta and lavash crackers 

G, M  - £14 to share

Mixed game terrine 

smoked pancetta crisps, winter-fall relish, rosemary lavash crackers  

M, E, G - £7.50

Homemade soup with crusty bread (v)

Ask your server for today's choice  

M, G - £6


Braised shoulder of lamb 

fondant potato, minted savoy, rich jus

  SD, M,  - £17

Jerusalem artichoke arancini (v)

roasted beets, sundried tomato dressing

E, M,  G - £15

Blossom honeyed duck breast

root vegetable rosti, roasted parsnip, red currant jus

M, SD£18

Pork loin steak

pulled pork croquette, burnt apple puree, roasted butternut squash

M, G, E, SD£16

Steak strips

 flash-fried in a rich peppercorn or blue cheese sauce with chunky chips and a red onion and rocket salad

M, Mu SD - £16

 Catch of the Day

Ask for details of today’s dish  


 Chunky Chips - £3.5

Sweet Potato Fries G - £4

 Sautéed Potatoes M, SD  - £3.5

 Seasonal Vegetables  - £3.5

Mixed Leaf Salad  - £3.5


Our specials change regularly dependent on the fresh, seasonal produce available.  Make  sure you view our blackboards for the latest dishes from our chefs. 



Dessert Menu


Double chocolate brownie  

Served with a hot chocolate sauce and honeycomb ice cream  E, M, G  - £6

Farriers own sticky toffee pudding 

In a rich toffee sauce, served with vanilla

ice-cream  E, M G - £6

Nougat parfait

with praline

 M, E, N  - £6

Apricot bread and butter pudding

with crème anglaise

 M, E, G  - £6

Banoffee Pie

 Tia maria cream, toffee ice cream

  M, E  - £6

Selection of Cheeses

 Served with apples, grapes, crackers and fruit chutney  G, M, SD  - £8.50

Chef’s café gourmand -

50 pence donation to Mersham School with every sale

Your choice of coffee (excl. speciality) with one of our mini desserts (ask your server for more information)  G, M  - £5.5

Yarde Farm ice-cream

and sorbet selection 

Ask for our current flavours  

M, N (dependent on choices)

 - £6 for 3 scoops


Americano  - £1.95


Latte - £2.30


Cappuccino - £2.30

Espresso - £1.65

Double Espresso - £1.95


Mocha - £2.45

Hot Chocolate - £2.40

Speciality Coffee:

Tia Maria - £4.75

Disarrono - £4.85

Jamesons - £4.85

Cointreau - £4.95

Courvoisier - £5.10

Baileys (double) - £5.95

Speciality Teas

English breakfast  - £1.60


Lady Grey - £1.95


Mint or Chamomile - £1.95

Green Tea - £1.95

Fruit Tea (ask your server for flavours)  - £1.95




Available from 12-6pm. All served with seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and rich roast gravy

Adult Sunday Roast ​

 Topside of Beef  G M- £13.00

Roast Lamb G M- £14.00

Roast Chicken G M- £13.00

Roast Pork G M- £13.00

Nut and Seed Sunday Roast (v)

N G M - £12.00

Children's Sunday Roast 3-9 years


Family Feast (min 4 people) ​

A platter with our delicious roasted meats, seasonal vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings brought to your table for you to serve yourself.

G M - £12.00 p/p

Brewer's Beast

Roast beef, chicken and pork served with seasonal vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding- G M £18.00 p/p

Thinking of having a large family gathering?

Why not book our Forge function room, perfect for a private dining area

with space for children to play whilst you relax. Click here for more details



Tasty homemade morsels


Chilli-infused  nachos with tomato salsa, sour cream, guacamole and mature cheddar (v) G M - £6.50

Chicken and chorizo scotch egg with bread sauce puree  M, G, E£7.50

Mozzarella sticks, baby gem, ranch dressing  ​(v) M£6

Whitebait and wholetail scampi in smoked paprika with wild rocket and tartar sauce

 ​ G, F, M,E, Cr - £6

Spicy apricot chicken wings, coriander

and soy dip S £6

Crispy chilli beef with teriyaki salad S, SS£6

Sweet potato fries  - £4.50

Hand Cut Chips ​ (v) - £4

Crusty Bread, oils and olives (v) G £6.00


(served with fries and

homemade tomato relish)

Spiced nut and mixed bean burger topped with chilli nachos, cheddar, sour cream guacamole andwild rocket (v)

G, N, M - £14.00

Farriers 8oz beef burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, baby gem and beef tomato

M, G - £15.00

Chicken Caesar burger - chargrilled chicken with smoked bacon,  baby gem, garlic and onion flakes, beef tomato and Caesar dressing

M, G, E - £15.00

Bar Baskets

(served with chunky chips or +50p for sweet potato fries)

 Chicken goujons and sweet chilli mayo 

 M, G £7.5

 1606 battered cod fingers  

 F, G £7.5

 Whole tail scampi  

 CR, G £7.5

Mozzarella sticks (v)

 M,  G £7.5



Our specials change regularly dependent on the fresh, seasonal produce available.  Make  sure you view our blackboards for the latest dishes from our chefs. 



Red Wines by the glass and the bottle

1. Farriers Arms Malbec – France

Our very own organic wine, hand-picked, produced and bottled on a small vineyard in the Lot Valley. This is a 100% organic Malbec, perfect for those concerned with avoiding additives. It is pleasingly mellow but well rounded, rich with ripe fruits and

balanced with spicy vanilla notes. (B)

175ml £4.25 250ml £5.65 Bottle £16.95

2. Rio Lento, Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile

Succulent damson fruit flavours and a soft, approachable character. (B)

175ml £4.35 250ml £5.85 Bottle £17.25


3. Three Pillars, Shiraz - Australia 

Blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry with a hint of vanilla oak. (B)

175ml £4.50 250ml £6.00 Bottle £17.95

4. Vina Alarde Tempranillo, Rioja - Spain

Medium-bodied, soft and round with oak hints and plum character. (B)

175ml £4.75 250ml £6.30 Bottle £18.50




Red wines by the bottle

5. Canaletto Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC - Italy

Spicy cherry flavours and a full, rich, rounded character (C)


Bottle £22.95

6. Cotes du Rhone Villages, Domaine des Avaux - France

Plum, black forest fruits and hints of jam with sweet spices and soft tannins . (A)


Bottle £25.95

7.Waipara Hills Pinot Noir, New Zealand

Bramble fruit, cherry, spice, soft tannins and a bright finish. (C)

Bottle £27.95

8. Chateau Petit Bois Lussac Saint-Emilion - France

A fruit-driven, approachable Bordeaux with plum characters and soft tannins. (D)


Bottle £29.95


9. Journey's End Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, South Africa

Vibrant flavours and aromas of ripe blackcurrant, powerful and intense. (A)

Bottle £34.95


10. Barolo Antario – Italy

Ruby with violet and spice aromas and rich damson fruit. (D)

Bottle £38.95

11. Pasquier Desvignes AC Chateauneuf-du-Pape - France

Complex forest fruit and spice aromas with a warming palate. (C)

Bottle £42.95

Rosé wines by the glass and bottle


20. Terra Nostra, Pinot Grigio Rose - Italy

Dry and soft with aromas of acacia and citrus flavours (1).

175ml £4.50 250ml £6.00 Bottle £17.95

21. Wildwood Zinfandel Rose - USA

Fresh strawberry and soft red fruit with hints of candy  (3).

175ml £4.75 250ml £6.30 Bottle £18.50

White Wines by the glass and the bottle



12. Rio Lento, Sauvignon Blanc – Chile

Clean and refreshing with grassy citrus fruit characters. (1)

175ml £4.35 250ml £5.85 Bottle £17.25

13. Hardys 202 Main Road, Chardonnay - Australia

Lively and rounded with pleasant baked citrus character. (2).


175ml £4.35 250ml £5.85 Bottle £17.25


14. Pinot Grigio IGT Terra Nostra - Italy

Light and dry with a soft clean citrus finish. (1)

175ml £4.75 250ml £6.30 Bottle £18.50

15. Southern Lights Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand

Gooseberry, peach and melon flavours with a crisp off-dry finish. (2)

175ml £5.00 250ml £6.95 Bottle £20.50


White wines by the bottle


16. Gavi Balbi Soprani, Italy

Intense citrus zest, pear and plenty of minerality. (1)


Bottle £25.95


17. Villa Wolf Gewurztraminer, Germany

Aromatic and fruity with notes of tropical fruit, peach, vanilla and rose petal. (2


Bottle £28.95


18. Victor Berard AC, Chablis - France 

Floral aromas, lightly smokey and intense with delicate buttery notes (1).


Bottle £34.95


19. La Chenaye AC, Sancerre - France

Full bodied and refreshing with expressive floral and fruity notes.  Crisp balanced finish (2)


Bottle £36.95

Wine style guide

White and Rose wines:

(1) Dry   (2) Off-dry   (3)  Medium   (4) Sweet

Red wines

(A)  Light and fruity   (B)  Medium and fruity

(C)  Spicy and warming 


(D)  Full-bodied and oaked

All wines by the glass are available in a 125ml serving by request.


Sparkling wines and Champagne

22. Lunetta, Prosecco – Italy

Light and fruity with apple, peach and stone fruit hints (1).


200ml Bottle £6.95


23. La Delfina, Prosecco  DOC – Italy

Lively with fragrant aromas of green apple and white blossom (1) .

Bottle £22.95


24. Juliet Rose Spumante – Italy

Elegant citrus with wild strawberry and redcurrant flavours (2). 


Bottle £22.95


25. Chapel Down Brut Vintage reserve, England

Aromas of red apple, lemongrass and freshly baked bread with a fine texture (2).

Bottle £39.95

26. Laurent Perrier Brut NV  – France

Cream textured, with delicate floral, citrus and stone fruit notes (1).

Bottle £45.95

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