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Seared Duck Breast



December Lunch Menu

Our fantastic a la carte menu


Allergen advice

Please ask your server if you require further allergen information. 


We serve fresh food, not fast food, therefore at busy times there may be a time delay. 

If you suffer from any food allergies, please inform us when you place your food order. We cannot guarantee that our dishes do not contain nuts or nut derivatives, shot, bones or feathers. 

Classics (available all day)

Farriers 1606 beer battered cod 

Served with chunky chips, tartare sauce and minted peas 

F, E, M, SD, G  - £14.00

Strips of steak flash-fried in a peppercorn or  blue cheese sauce

Served with chunky chips, and a red onion and rocket salad 

SD, M £16.00

Honey & mustard glazed ham 

Served with chunky chips, two free range fried eggs and homemade slaw 

E, M, SD, Mu  - £13.00

Whole tail scampi 

Served with chunky chips, tartare sauce and minted peas  

E, M, SD, G, Cr  - £14.00

Pie of the day 

Served with mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and a rich gravy  

G, E, M, C, SD  - £14.00

Chicken Caesar salad

Crisp smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons

M, E, G  - £14.00


Ciabatta sandwiches

(served with dressed leaves and homemade slaw)

Bacon, brie and red onion chutney

(available without bacon for vegetarians)

G, M, SD - £7.00

Turkey, cranberry and stuffing 

G, M, N - £7.50

Goat's cheese, pickled beets, rocket, oil and walnut (v) 

G, M, N £7.50

Steak, red onion, mushroom and blue cheese melt 

G, M, E - £8.00

BBQ chicken and cheddar melt

G, M - £7.50

Farriers beer-battered fish finger with tartar sauce  and baby gem 

F, G, M, E, SD - £8.00

The Farriers Ploughmans (cheese or honey-roast ham served with pickles, apple, dressed salad, homemade chutney and a wedge of crusty bread 

G, MU, M, E - £10.00


(served with fries and homemade tomato relish)

Farriers 8oz beef burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, onion rings, baby gem

and beef tomato

E, M, G, SD - £15.00

Spiced nut and mixed bean burger with chilli nachos, cheddar, sour cream, wild rocket and guacamole (v) 

G, M, E, N - £14.00

Chicken Caesar burger with smoked bacon,baby gem, garlic and onion flakes, beef tomato and Caesar dressing

G, M, E - £15.00



Dinner Menu

Our fantastic a la carte menu

Items pre-fixed with a *can be taken as part of the festive set menu for £30pp for three courses, including cracker, coffee, mince pies and chocolates

Appertisers for two

 Marinated olives - £3.00

Crusty bread and oils - £4.00

Olives, feta & sundried tomatoes £4.50


 * Pan seared scallops

Served with roasted cumin and butternut puree, parmesan shard, pea shoots 

  M, Mo - £9.50

* Smoked duck breast with pickled beets and clementine salad, citrus syrup

SD  - £7.50

* Confit salmon and dill rilettes

with toasted rye bread with a pea shoot and lemon salad

M, F, G  - £7.50

* Winter spiced crisp goat's cheese and wild rocket salad with walnut and black olive soil (v)  G, M, E, N  - £7.00

* Spiced parsnip and candied chestnut soup (v)Topped with parsnip crisps and served with crusty bread

G, M, N  - £6.00

Whole baked Camembert

 with smoked paprika, red onion chutney, Lavash crackers, grapes and ciabatta

M, E, G  - £14.00 to share


* Butter roasted free range turkey 

With honey glazed sausage, chestnut and cranberry stuffing, garlic and herb roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a rich jus

 SD, N, G, E, M  - £15.00

* King prawn, haddock and mussel broth

infused with saffron, served with potatoes, peas and wild rocket

 M, SD, Mol, F, Cr - £17.00

* Courgette, root vegetable and camembert terrine (v)

Finished with butternut squash puree and parmentier potatoes

  M - £15.00


Blossom honeyed duck breast

Served with a root vegetable rosti, roasted parsnip and red currant jus

M,  SD - £18.00

 Catch of the Day. 

Ask your server for details of today’s dish  

  Slow braised shin of beef

Cooked in Farriers Christmas ale, horseradish mash, wilted kale and a rich jus SD, M - £16.00


 Chunky Chips£3.50

Sweet potato fries G - £4.00

 Roast Potatoes M, SD  - £3.50

 Seasonal Vegetables  - £3.50

Mixed Leaf Salad  - £3.50


  8oz Rib-Eye or Sirloin Steak - £20.00

Fillet - £27.00

 Set on sautéed cherry tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, finished with balsamic glaze, rocket and red onion salad.

Served withr chunky chips or sweet potato fries (+50p)

 Add your choice of sauce £1.50:

Garlic Butter,  Rose Peppercorn, Blue Cheese



Dessert Menu


* Traditional Christmas Pudding

 Served with orange custard and brandy butter  E, M, N, G, SD  - £6.00

* Chocolate and orange marquise

 Served with pistachio cream  and winter berry compote G, E, M  - £6.00

 Baileys and coffee roulade

Served with coffee ice cream, espresso and vanilla syrup  G, E,  M, SD  - £6.00

Sticky toffee pudding. 

In a rich toffee sauce, served with vanilla ice-cream  E, M G - £6.00

Double chocolate brownie

 Served with hot chocolate sauce and honeycombe ice cream  E, M, G  - £6.00

* Selection of festive cheeses

 Served with Lavash crackers, caramelised nutes, apple, grapes and spiced fruit chutney  G, M, G, SD  - £8.50

Chef’s café gourmand. 

Your choice of coffee (excl. speciality) with one of our mini desserts (ask your server for more information)  G, M  - £5.50

Help us support our primary school! With the sale of this product we donate 50 pence to Mersham Primary School to fund resources and equipment to enhance the children's learning and education.

Yarde Farm Ice-cream

and sorbet selection 

Ask for current flavours

M, N (dependent on choices)

 - £6 for 3 scoops


Americano  - £2.40


Latte - £2.60


Cappuccino - £2.60

Espresso - £1.85

Double Espresso - £3.40


Mocha - £2.80

Hot Chocolate - £2.60

Speciality Coffee:

Tia Maria - £6

Disarrono - £6

Jamesons - £6

Cointreau - £6

Courvoisier - £6.50

Baileys (double) - £6.50

Speciality Teas

English breakfast  - £2


Lady Grey - £2.20


Mint or Chamomile - £2.20

Green Tea - £2.20

Fruit Tea (ask your server for flavours)  - £2.20


Dinner Party
Pâte Delight
The Beast


Available from 12-6pm. All served with seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and rich roast gravy

Adult Sunday Roast ​G M

Turkey   £13.00

Beef  £13.00

Pork  £13.00

Lamb  £14.00

Nut and Seed Sunday Roast (v)

N G M - £12.00

Children's Sunday Roast 3-9 years


Family Feast (min 4 people) ​

A platter with our delicious roasted meats, seasonal vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes and Yorkshire puddings brought to your table for you to serve yourself.

G M - £12.00 p/p

Brewer's Beast ​

Roast beef, turkey and pork served with seasonal vegetables, herb-roasted potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding- G M £18.00 p/p

farriers_01pate RGB


Tasty homemade morsels

Ciabatta sandwiches

(served with dressed leaves and a potato salad)

Bacon, brie and cranberry 

(available without bacon for vegetarians)

G, M - £7.00

Turkey, cranberry and smoked bacon 

G, M - £7.50

Roasted red onion, mushroom, cherry tomato & cheddar melt (v) 

G, M - £7.00

Steak, red onion, mushroom and blue cheese melt 

G, M, E - £8.00

Prawns in lemon and horseradish mayonnaise

G, M, Cr - £8.00

BLT with garlic mayo

G, M, E - £7.00

Farriers beer-battered fish finger with tartar sauce  and baby gem 

F, G, M, E, SD - £8.00

The Farriers Ploughmans (cheese or honey-roast ham served with pickles, apple, dressed salad, homemade chutney and a wedge of crusty bread 

G, MU, M, E - £9.00


(served with fries and homemade tomato relish)

Farriers 8oz beef burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, baby gem

and beef tomato

E, M, G - £15.00

Spiced nut and seed burger with guacamole and baby gem (v) 

G, M, E, N - £13.00


 Chilli infused nachos, tomato salsa, mature cheddar, topped with sour cream and guacamole  (v) - G M - £6.50

Whitebait and wholetail scampi tossed in smoked paprika with tartar sauce and wild rocket M, F, Cr, E, G- £6

 Crispy chilli beef, spring onion and clementine salad, soy dressing

S, SS£7.00

Mustard and honey-glazed pigs in blankets

 Mu, G £6.00

Battered king prawns with sweet chilli and lime dressing Cr, G, SD - £8.50

Cheesy Chips ​(v) M£4.50

Cheesy Bacon Chips M£5.00

Chunky Chips (v) - £4.00

Crusty Bread, oils and olives (v) G - £6.00

Flash fried scallops, new potatoes, smoked bacon, cherry tomatoes, paprika oil  Mo, M - £8.50

Bar Baskets

(served with skinny fries)

 Chicken goujons 

 M, G £7.50

 1606 battered cod fingers  

 F, G £7.50

Romantic Dinner
Grilled Steak
Wine Sampling
Fish and Chips


Available from 1-24 & 27-30 December

3 courses - £30.00 per person

2 courses - £24.95 per person

Choose from the menu options above that are pre-fixed with a * or click here


Includes a cracker, mini mince pies and chocolates

£10pp deposit required to secure reservation

Red Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting Events



Red Wines by the glass and the bottle

1. Farriers Arms – France

Our very own organic wine, hand-picked, produced and bottled on a small vineyard in the Lot Valley. This is a 100% organic Malbec, perfect for those concerned with avoiding additives. It is pleasingly mellow but well rounded, rich with ripe fruits and

balanced with spicy vanilla notes.

175ml £4.10 250ml £5.40 Bottle £15.95

2. Rio Roca, Merlot – Chile

Rich, supple and rounded Merlot with flavours of ripe plums.

175ml £4.20 250ml £5.50 Bottle £15.95


3. The Landings, Shiraz Cabernet – Australia

Blackcurrant and plum notes with a tantalising hint of spice.

175ml £4.40 250ml £5.80 Bottle £16.95

4. Rioja Vega Tinto – Spain

Stunning Spanish blend, deep red colour leading to a palate of ripe red fruit with a clean acidity and a long finish.

175ml £4.50 250ml £6.10 Bottle £17.95

Red wines by the bottle

5. ‘E’, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo - Italy

Soft, accessible ripe hedgerow fruit with a medium body and great intensity


Bottle £20.95

6. Neptune Point, Pinot Noir – New Zealand

Silky soft mouth feel, balanced with raspberry and violet aromas which continue unfolding in the glass.


Bottle £22.95

7. Fleurie, Reserve La Trielle – France

From the central vineyards of Fleurie in Beaujolais. Regarded as the most feminine of the Crus, this wine shows silky smooth, highly scented, delicate fruit notes, with tantalising acidity and a long soft finish.

Bottle £23.95

8. Los Vascos, Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile

This is the wine that made the Los Vascos estate famous, with a consistent style throughout the vintages, characterised by its supple and fleshy structure, ripe fruit and fresh aromas. Very well constructed wine with a sensational finish.


Bottle £25.95


9. Rioja Reserva, Senorial – Spain

90% Tempranillo with 10% Garnacha blended in to lift the palate making the wine soft and accessible. Ripe red fruit concentration, balanced acidity with a long

finish. Bottle £27.95


10. Chateau Perron, Lalande de Pomerol – France

A firm and meaty Merlot based wine from the

commune neighbouring Pomerol.

Bottle £33.95

11. Barolo Antario – Italy

Barolo, world famous for its complexity of dark fruit flavour, bold expression and intensity, clean acidity with a finish that lingers forever.

Bottle £38.95

Rosé wines by the glass and bottle


23. Pinot Grigio Rosé, Cantastorie – Italy

Aromatic, lifted ripe red fruit notes with floral

undertones, medium body with crisp acidity and a long finish.

175ml £4.40 250ml £5.80 Bottle £16.50

24. Gold Country, Zinfandel Blush – California

Delicious Californian Rosé with summer fruits and a hint of sweetness on the finish.

175ml £4.50 250ml £5.90 Bottle £17.50

White Wines by the glass and the bottle



12. Rio Roca, Sauvignon Blanc – Chile

Clean, expressive gooseberry and citrus fruit with crisp acidity.

175ml £4.20 250ml £5.50 Bottle £15.95

13. Pinot Grigio, Ca’ Lunghetta – Italy

Intense straw colour with a perfumed nose, dry with good citrus fruit intensity and a long finish.


175ml £4.40 250ml £5.80 Bottle £16.50


14. Gold County, Chardonnay – USA

A delicious blend of Chardonnay and Colombard with a fruity palate

175ml £4.40 250ml £5.80 Bottle £16.95

15. Pierre Lacasse, Sauvignon Blanc - France

Dry, crisp citrus fruit notes and a clean acidity.


175ml £4.50 250ml £5.90 Bottle £17.50


16. Rioja Vega, Blanco – Spain

Pale Yellow with green hues. Pronounced stone fruit on the nose leading to a fresh and lively palate with tangy notes on the finish.


175ml £4.50 250ml £5.95 Bottle £17.75


17. Southern Lights, Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

Fresh and vibrant passion fruit and gooseberry with fantastic balance.

175ml £4.70 250ml £6.40 Bottle £18.95


White wines by the bottle

18. Tall Horse, Chenin Blanc – South Africa

Named after a giraffe sent to Paris from the Sultan of Egypt and nicknamed ‘Tall Horse’, this South African Chenin from the Western Cape boasts generous tropical fruit on the nose with a dry, fruit driven palate balanced by a crisp acidity.


Bottle £17.95


19. Gavi de Gavi, Nuovo Quadro Araldica – Italy

Pleasing, crisp clean citrus fruit-driven aromatic wine.


Bottle £27.95


20. Chapel Down, Bacchus – England

A classic expression of the Bacchus grown in the south-east of England. The wine shows grapefruit, gooseberry, passion fruit, floral and mineral characters on the nose with tropical fruits, nettles and crunchy acid on the palate. Perfect for summer.


Bottle £28.50


21. Sancerre, Boisjoli – France

Intense nose of Cox’s apple with a steely acidity and a lingering finish of ripe gooseberries, from the wellrespected producer Marquis de Goulaine.


Bottle £37.95


22. Chablis, Jean Marc Brocard – France

The Kimmeridgian limestone soils gives the wine its characteristic mineral flavour. A fine quality wine from a family producer.

Bottle £37.95

Sparkling wines and Champagne

25. One4One, Prosecco – Italy

Pale light yellow colour with a nose of peaches and green apple lead to a crisp and delicate palate of ripe summer fruit with balanced acidity and a persistent finish.


200ml Bottle £6.95


26. Prosecco, Nua – Italy

Made from the Glera grape variety, this light an

enthusiastic sparkling wine is soft with elegant clean citrus fruit and a crisp acidity.

Bottle £21.95


27. Raboso, Casa Botter – Italy

Pale pink with an extra dry finish which promotes the clean fruit character and a refreshing acidity.


Bottle £21.95


28. Veuve Cliquot, Yellow Label – France

Probably the Champagne house most admired by its rival merchants. The Brut is made from at least two thirds black grapes balanced by a third of Chardonnay revealing an honest expression of quality fruit. The mouth is rich and well balanced with a crisp acidity.

Bottle £49.95

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